The ideal solution for the professional market

Thanks to an optimal ratio of watts per element we achieve a low and uniform surface temperature, without reducing comfort in the room. On the other hand we managed to minimize stains on the walls due to convection. With the built-in PID chrono- thermostat we have optimized the correct use of the radiator, to heat the home with the lowest energy consumption.

Available in 5 models

rcms fondo - RCM
  • rcms fondo 150x150 - RCM
  • termostato rcms 150x150 - RCM
  • side rc4m 150x150 - RCM
  • side rc8m 150x150 - RCM
  • side rc10m 150x150 - RCM

High precision electronic thermostat

v2 7 termostato - RCM

Easy access keyboard

v2 8 teclado - RCM

Warranty for parts

v2 27 garantia - RCM

Sealing guarantee

v2 23 10aos - RCM


· Curved elements of cast aluminum.

· Thermal fluid of high thermal inertia.

· PID digital chrono-thermostat with an accuracy of +/- 0.2oC.

·  Exclusive: consumption indicator function.

· Manual or automatic function.

· 7 pre-programmed factory settings for each housing room.

· Weekly programming, detecting working days and weekends.

· Ambient temperature on screen.

· Keypad lock.

· Safety thermal limiter.

· Power cable with plug included.

· Installation kit and fixing brackets included.

RC4M 500 7m2  470x580x100 4
RC6M  750 10 m2  630x580x100 6
RC8M 1000 14m2 790x580x100 8
RC10M 1250 17m2 950X580X100 10
RC12M 1500 20m2 1110X580X100 12

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