It couldn’t be easier! Just turn the dial to  switch it on or choose our new Haverland  Bluetooth Technology to programme your radiator

Ultra Compact

Intuitive control. Thanks to the  easy operating mode it is the most straightforward radiator of our range to use.

Manual Mode

Each Simply radiator has only two controls – a simple on/off switch, and a clear, easy-to operate dial to  regulate the temperature settings and simple Bluetooth control via App.

And thanks to the easy control, you’ll get exactly the right amount of heat when and where you need it.

Pair your Simply radiator with your mobile or tablet devices

Haverland has developed a simple and functional App so that you can design a weekly program, day by day,  hour by hour, with no need to program the radiator from the actual unit.

Savings from the first minute!

Start saving now. Simply radiators allow to manage the heating remotely and automatically reacts to e.g. an  open window. Advanced algorithms used in the Simply radiators and their schedules will help you save up to  45% of your actual heating costs.

 “ITCS” Intelligent Function

The adaptive start function kicks in whenever the radiators’ temperature is scheduled to change. Rather than starting or stopping  the heat at the scheduled time, these radiators will prepare in advance, learning how long it takes to raise the temperature and  tapering its heating so it hits the desired temperature on time.

“Open window” Function

This function is activated when there is a sudden drop in the temperature. If a window is opened the radiator will sense the sudden drop in  temperature and temporarily switch off until temperatures stabilise. This ensures you don’t waste energy if a window is left open accidentally.

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“Open window” Function



· Manual mode.

· BLUETOOTH ® Programming.

· 150 W per element.

· Can also be operated without a smartphone.

· Thermal fluid with high thermal inertia.

· PID Thermostat with +/- 0.2ºC accuracy.

· 24 / 7 programming.

· 4 operating modes: Comfort, economy, antifreeze and auto.

· Fast and easy installation.

· Barely any tools required for the installation.

· Wall mounting brackets included.

· Template supplied to ensure correct positioning.

· 5 sizes ranging from 600-1800 watts.

· Free Haverland BT App.

· 10-Year warranty on block seal.

· 3-Year warranty on electronic components.


Reference Watios Size kg Elements
Simply-4 600 435x580x95 9 4
Simply-6 900 595x580x95 13 6
Simply-8 1200 750x580x95 17 8
Simply-10 1500 910x580x95 21 10
Simply-12 1800 1070x580x95 25 12

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