The AIRPURE19 air purifier is designed with four filtration  technologies, effectively removes molecular pollutants  from the air and allergens, making it a lifesaver for someone  suffering from asthma. The pre-filter of the AIRPURE19 air  purifier removes large particles and pet hair. The professional  activated carbon deodorization filter will absorb harmful  chemicals such as TVOC and formaldehyde, making the air  around you safer to breathe. The included HEPA filter will  remove particles less than 0.3 microns from the airflow with  an efficiency of 99.97%.

These filters possess the technology  of aggressive  purification Ioncluste; an air purification system that actively  emits positive and negative ions that propagate throughout  the room and that will suppress the effects of airborne  viruses and effectively decompose and eliminate mold in  suspension.

Thanks to its air purity measurement sensor, AIRPURE19 will  keep you informed of the current and real air quality of the  room, simply by observing the color that appears on its front:  blue, light pink, dark pink and red,

It completes its virtues with a programmable timer for 2-4-6-  8-10-12 hours, an almost unique sound range in its category,  with only 23dB and a smart night mode that is activated as  soon as it perceives lack of light in its environment, making  its consumption and its sound invaluable.

The most effective way to purify the air!

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Filter Type: Pre-Filter, True HEPA Filter, Deodorizing Filter

Filter replacement and blockage alert

Dust and odor sensor

Automatic operating base on sensors

Signal indicator for cleaning


Power 53W
Ionization concentration 3 x 106/cm³
CDR value 315 m³
For rooms up to (m²)
Application Homes, apartments, offices, small shops
Color White
Ionization generator IONCLUSTER
Bacteria removal rate (more than) 99,90 %


Mold removal rate (more than) 99,90 %
Virus removal rate (more than) 99,90 %
Dust removal rate,on the particles  small as 0.3 Micron (up to)


99,97 %


Odor removal rate (up to) 99 %


Noise level 16-45 dB
Fan speed (levels) 5
Smart night mode

Sound level in night mode

23 dB


Programmable timer (hours)
Size of the unit (cm/in)


width 20 / 7,87
long 35 / 13,78


high 55 / 21, 65
Unit weight (kg/lbs) 5/11,02
Packing size (cm/in)


width 30 / 11,81
long 41 / 16,14
high 60 / 23,62
Packing weight (kg/lbs) 6,2 /13,69

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