Pack GP6 GPL

Do not increase your contracted power!

Control the electrical energy consumed in your home without exceeding or increasing the contracted power..

Pack content

The basic pack includes: Modular controller + 3 plug-in connectors + T.I. (current transformer).


Once the controller is installed to modulate the residential electrical panel, the electric radiators communicate with our controller, through carrier currents, using the wiring of the proper electrical installation of the housing. The intensity transformer, supplied, measures the consumption of the housing, disconnecting the semi-thermal sensors that are not needed, in cascade or cyclical cascade, according to the priority of each pluggable receptor without changing the comfort of your home.

racionalizador receptor - GP6 GPL
  • racionalizador receptor 150x150 - GP6 GPL
  • racionalizador emisor 150x150 - GP6 GPL

Key features

· No works! You need a professional electrician.

· Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz.

· No need for network header filter.

· Single-phase or three-phase connection


Référence Code EAN
GP 6 CPL 8423055002508

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