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  • racionalizador receptor 150x150 - GP6 GPL
  • racionalizador emisor 150x150 - GP6 GPL



Available in 1 model

Main features

  • No set up needed
  • 230V / 50Hz power supply
  • NO filters needed on network head
  • Single or tri-phase (current) streamliner (tri-phase not included)
  • 8 way streamliner (automatic mode)
  • Compatible electromechanical counter


When you connect electrical appliances, the streamliner will disconnect the electric radiators if their use is not essential, en cycles or a continuous cycle, according to the perimeters and without altering your personal comfort.

Economic benefits of the streamliner

The streamliners ration electricity so you do not surpass your contracted amounts. They are installed on non-crucial circuits such as heat since the very inertia of the electricity of the home allows that, even if interrupted during a short period the heating process, you do not loose any level of comfort.

The GP6 CPL streamliner controls the power flow through disconnecting the necessary outlets or electric apparatus that are not necessary for your comfort – this avoids an increase in your contracted power use and you will see the difference in your electric bill.

The pack includes

Compact modular box, 3 receptors, y T.I. (intensity transformer). If more than 3 units are required, you may purchase them individually. Please consult with out distributors.

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