Pure Air Box is a compact and

surprisingly powerful device that eliminates viruses, bacteria and germs up to 99,99%. It is non-toxic and does not use chemical products such as sprays or liquids, therefore it can be used in the presence of people and pets. Eliminates odors and all kind of microorganisms. Get your Pure Air Box now!


Designed to disinfect and purify any space (houses, offices, shops, etc) for 24 hours, 7 days a week. It is eco-friendly, easy maintenance and with very low electricity consumption.

Purifies and disinfects thanks to its combined operation of PCOTM technology and photocatalytic oxidation and ionization. Ionizes – deodorized – disinfects and oxygenates the area where its used, taking care of you without using ozone.

Stylish, small, light and portable.

Easy to use



Remote Control

Eliminates bacteria
& viruses



  • Eliminates bacteria, viruses and all kind of microorganisms in the air and surfaces*
  • Eliminates fungi and odors.
  •  Eliminates air impurities.
  •  Relieves allergy symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and itchy or watery eyes
  •  No installation needed, just plug it in to start working.

* This is not a solution to cure the virus or control the spread once contact with the infected person has been made. It is a preventive tool.


Normal Mode

Disinfects and purifies the air you breathe and the surfaces you touch 24/7! It uses PCOTM technology to produce low levels of natural oxidants and superoxide ions for daily use with people and animals indoors.
3 speeds available.

“Away” mode with 2-hour timer or continuous operation

It generates Ozone O3 in unoccupied spaces of up to 140 m2 for 2 hours or continuous operation.
Remember to ventilate the room after using this mode of operation. A safe and eco-friendly solution.
Ozone does not produce residues or waste during treatment, since it is an unstable gas molecule that tends to return to its original state in a few minutes; oxygen (O2).
It is a natural and environmentally friendly solution for the well-being of people and animals.

Disinfection and elimination process

Electric shock to oxygen (O2)

PCO technology. Catalytic Oxidation System
apply ultraviolet light, which eliminates the virus,
and does not generate chemical residues.

Separation into oxygen atoms

O3 Ozone generation

Disinfection and elimination

Clean air and surfaces

Easy to useo



Remote Control

Eliminates bacteria & viruses

Environmental well-being

Air Flow 1,61 m/s
Power 21 W
Suitable for rooms up to 140 m2

Ozone plate

9000 h
2 working modes Normal and “Away” (2 hours)
Weight 1,36 kg

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